The Complete Beginner’s Guide to what is a Flex Printing.

What is marketing and why it so important in the current situation? Why some products sell easily and & other struggles?

You can use different marketing tools to promote your products and build your brand. Flex printing is one of the best mediums to reach your target audience and increase sales.

 “Don’t build links. Build relationships” – Rand Fishkin.

First, you will need to develop a very good product or service which serves your target audience and a good marketing medium will help people to discover the product & also build a good perception of the product and the brand.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” – Seth Godin

To promote & market your products you can use different marketing medium like traditional marketing & digital printing, printing medium is one of the traditional marketing which includes printing advertisement, leaflets, brochures, flex, banners, billboard, hoarding, etc.

1. What is Flex Printing?

With the ever-increasing competition, companies are adopting different strategies to attract the target audience and also raise awareness about their brand.

Flex banners is a sheet of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and there are different variety of flex material that can be used which we will discuss in detail.

Flex printing is one of the good mediums that would help you to grab customer’s attention towards your product & helping increase sales and brand building.

Grab customer’s attention quickly before they move on to the next shiny big thing with the help of flex printing. Personalized flex & banners are the best way to catch the attention of everyone passing by.

Printed Flex when placed strategically, it helps the company to get more attention which may result in huge footfalls, sales & helps in brand building as well.

You can use flex printing as a medium to promote your products, you can personalize your flex printing design by choosing different themes & colors, sizes as per your available area, and also as per best suited for your business, product, service, or occasion.

Flex Printing
Flex Printing

Flex & banner are durable & weatherproof and helps to display your company name & message you want to convey to your customers for a long-lasting period and it can be used indoor and outdoor, it can be used vertically or horizontally this gives you the flexibility to use flex in different ways.

Flex is easy to install and store and they are not very expensive, but the traction that it can give to your product or your promotional offers are immense.

2. Types of Flex Printing:

Flex banner printing does not look good if viewed closely, you have to arrange the placement of the banner at a proper distance wherein the customer views the banner further off. When the banner is kept at a distance from the viewer then you are not able to make out the uneven surface associated with the flex printing.

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”– Will Rogers

As per your design, the number of colors, the template you can decide which type of flex printing you can use that can maximize your design and more attractive.

There are different medium on which flex printing can be done & some of them are:

  •   Normal flex
  • Star flex
  • Backlit flex
  • Front-lit flex
  • Black back flex

2.1 Normal Flex: 

Normal Flex is basic PVC material and it covers the majority of your flex printing. In normal flex, the printing is done using oil-based ink & printing is done using a solvent in the machine. Once you load the media in the printer, the solvent in the machine moves right & left at great speed on the printing medium and simultaneously dropping the ink as per your design.

This is best used when you need to put the flex outdoor and have a design that majorly consists of text, if there are more colors there are chances it may be not looking very attractive.

2.2 Star Flex:

Star Flex is used when you are looking for good quality print. It has less pixelation and grains as compared to normal flex. Designs that have a lot of different elements like images, pictures, background color, etc. should be printed using Star Flex printing.

And if you need to print it for your standee that it would be visible from less than 10-15 feet away star flex is best suited.

2.3 Backlit flex:

Backlit flex banners are thick translucent materials that are widely used for Glow Signs, billboards, hoarding advertisement. A lit signboard attracts customers & a backlit flex is illuminated from behind using tube lights or any kind of lights.

The print is mounted on a frame and it consists of tube lights or LED which glows when switched on, backlit flex allows the light to pass through which makes it more attractive.

Flex Printing
Backlit Flex

Backlit flex looks great during the daytime and fantastic at night when it is lit. Backlit Flex printing is majorly used at Retail Showroom, pharmacies, malls & much more.

2.4 Front-lit flex:

Front-lit flex is used when you have the lights pointing from the front of the flex. The flex is mounted on the frame and the LED or Light setting is in front. Front-lit flex printing is done on white opaque substrate PVC material which has a soft & delicate surface.

Flex Printing
Front-lit Flex

Flex Printing
Front Lit flex at day time

These can be used outdoor or indoor, but majorly it is used as a big hoarding wherein it can get thousands of views. As compared to backlit, front-lit flex is printed for bigger size requirements.

2.5 Black back flex:

Black back flex is a kind of blackout advertising flex material made of PVC surface and it is blacked out on the backside of the printed area. The major difference from all other materials of flex is that it has PVC blackout which has a darkening effect wherein no light comes through the blacked surface.

It is majorly used at exhibition or trade fair, outdoor billboard, street banner & more.

3. Standee:

Standee is another marketing tool that can be used & standee is made only using flex printing. Standee is perfect for trade fairs, expos, conferences, in-store branding, storefront & much more.

Flex Printing

Standee is lightweight, portable & is simple to carry and pack & it can easily set up by anyone. You use star flex printing and install in standee for super attractive prints and wow your clients.

4. Advantages of Flex Printing:

We have described different types of flex printing; you can use any type as per your requirement. I Will share few examples:

4.1 Trade Fair/Expo/Conference:

Participating in a trade fair can bring a lot of benefits to your business. You can showcase your products and services directly to your potential clients and generate leads.

For you to get visible and attract clients you need to have a very attractive workspace and display and for this, you use different types of flex printing.

Trade Fair Flex Printing
Trade Fair Stall

You can print big flex with your company details and logo and put it on the top of the workspace so it can be viewed from far off distance and want the potential client to visit your workspace.

You can use standee wherein you can print your product and service features in detail which would get the visitor a great idea about your company and product.

You use a standard design like company name, logo, details on all the printed flex and this would help to create a good perception in visitor’s mind about your company and which would enable to increase your leads and sales. (Ref:

4.2 Hoarding/BillBoard:

Flex printing is used for your big hoarding & billboard which are located at an important junction, busy areas wherein it can generate 1000s of view in a mere couple of hours.

A good example is of Amul, wherein they have hoarding spread across in different parts and print a social message or important issue that is currently trending, they change the flex on regular basis and everyone anticipates with what message will they be coming next. This helps them to create a great brand for their company which generates sales and creates an impact on the viewer’s mind which is a big win for the company.

Flex Printing
Amul Hoarding at busy junction

One more example is the companies that advertise their promotional offers during a particular period or advertise the launch of a new product.

“The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.” – Analyst Firm IDC

Another example wherein we all can relate is to announce a release of any new movie or web series, it uses flex printing.

Flex Printing
Movie Release Announcement

So companies as per their budget and market use any one type of flex printing for the sole purpose of reaching larger audiences.

Such kind of mass impact is only possible if you are using such a marketing strategy and flex printing as a medium.

5. Conclusion:

We have seen different types of flex printing and their advantages.

“Find your spirit, and no challenge will keep you from achieving your goals.” — Christopher Penn

So traditional marketing i.e flex printing can be used in many different ways to promote & develop a brand of the company. Just create a great design and print on good flex material and the outcome will be great.

Another medium you use is sunboard printing and i have written a article on Sunboard printing at

What are the applications of Backlit Flex?

Back-lit Flex banners are widely used for Glow Signboard Displays, Signage, Hoarding & more.

How do you get the standee stand up?

When you’re setting up your standee, make sure to turn the bottom feet perpendicular to the stand. It will be in a retractable mode & you need to pull it up & provide stand support.

Can we print flex in different sizes?

Yes, you can design your flex artwork as per the size of the area where you need to install

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