How Did Sunboard Printing Become the Best?

Do you want your product & services to get maximum views by a potential customer?

If yes, then Sunboard printing is the right solution for you, it is massively used as an advertising media for outdoor & indoor branding of products, services, companies.

It helps to create brand awareness among the targeted consumers. Sunboard is made of PVC sheet which is light in weight, thin & flat. It comes in different varieties of thicknesses but 3mm and 5mm sunboard is the most commonly used sunboard printing items that are used. It is commonly used for manufacturing different sizes and shapes of signs & displays.

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1.Types Of Sunboard
2.Why is the Sunboard Printing best
3.Different Sizes of Sunboard
4.Sunboard Printing Cost
4.1What is the HSN code for Sunboard Printing?
5.Sunboard Printing In Mumbai
6.Sunboard Printing Machine

1. Types of Sunboard Printing:

There are two ways of Sunboard printing –

1) There are Sunboard Printing Machine in which the design/artwork is directly printed on the sunboard.

2) There are Sunboard printing machine that print on other media like vinyl, paper and then it is mounted (pasted) on the sunboard.

Second method is the most commonly used method of sunboard printing in India. This method of printing is more economical as compared to first method mentioned above & there are many companies in Mumbai that can help in your all sunboard printing requirements.

Sunboard printing

 2. Why is the Sunboard Printing best:

Marketing, to a great extent is about convincing your clients by presenting an elegant picture of your products, services, brands & even yourself.  Imagine printing & pasting your message on a loose sheet of paper at your workspace, which would not look good and will have a negative image of yours in the client’s eyes. To resolve such issues we use Sunboard Printing which is made up of PVC and is rigid and thick. Sunboard printing is used for many different purposes like:

  • It gives impressive photo quality prints
  • It gives a sharp, professional look along with a super lightweight design.
  • Best used for branding in malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, retail stores, etc.
  • Sunboard are lightweight & durable which means they can last for at least 3-5 years and the color won’t fade as well
  • Sunboard can be used to welcome consumers, visitors, employees, or even just to decorate your workspace
  • They are best to promote your seasonal discount offers, or featured products in your workspace
  • It can be used as company nameplates to display employee names & designation
  • It can be used at Event displays, conferences, and exhibition
  • Used in Notice boards in colleges & school
  • Shape Cut Standees
  • Low Cost stands for point of sale marketing
  • Sunboard is waterproof
  • Door dangler

The list of advantages & application are endless because of its durability, lightweight and exact color matching capabilities.

Sunboard Printing

3. Different Sizes of Sunboard:

Sunboard are available in almost all sizes. Sunboard comes in as a big sheet so we can cut as per our size required, some of the standard sizes are:

–         1ftx3ft

–         2ftx3ft

–         3ftx4ft

–         2ftx5ft

–         3ftx6ft

–         4ftx6ft

–         5ftx7ft

Other than above any odd size can be printed as well.

Sunboard Printing

4. Sunboard Printing Cost:

When it comes to cost there are two major points to be considered for sunboard printing, one is the printing cost itself which depends on the type of medium used like paper, vinyl, etc on which you use to print. Almost 98% of the method of sunboard printing is vinyl sunboard printing in printing is done on the vinyl sticker which will cost anywhere between Rs. 30/- to 55/- per sq. ft. and for a higher quality of print which is called eco solvent vinyl which comes with either gloss or matt lamination will cost around Rs. 50/- to Rs. 80/- per sq ft.

So above is the cost if you select these option vinyl printing.

But if you choose to print directly on the sunboard then a good quality print would cost around Rs. 100/- to Rs. 130/- per sq. ft.

To get the exact sunboard pricing you will first need to work out the total area of your job.

For e.g let we assume the total area of the required job is 6sq ft (Width 3ft x height 2ft), so in this case, if you are using the vinyl sunboard printing method then costing is worked as below:

6sq ft x Rs. 80 (as mentioned above) = Rs. 480/- + 18% GST

= Rs. 566.40/-

And for the same size if you used direct printing method then costing is worked as below:

6sq ft x Rs. 120 (as mentioned above) = Rs. 720/- + 18% GST

= Rs. 849.60/-

4.1 What is the HSN code for Sunboard Printing?:

The HSN code is 482011 and it attracts 18% GST. If you choose a good quality printer who has both kind of sunboard printing machine than the output of the sunboard printing will be best in either of the options.


 5. Sunboard Printing in Mumbai?:

There are many printers who can assist sunboard printing in Mumbai region & many printers also provide shipping & delivery services to nearby areas and it is advisable to use the printer’s delivery service because sunboard are large & bulky they  might break in transit if not handled properly.

The printing is low cost products but bulky, so packing and shipping them over long distances will cost more than the actual sunboard printing cost, so it is best advised to find a printer that is nearby in your region, but for larger quantities, you can always contact the printer and check with them for their delivery options.

6. Sunboard Printing Machine:

Another element to be considered while selecting a printer for your printing requirements is that you can check & ask the printer which Sunboard Printing Machine do they have, for eg. If they have the latest printing machine models of Roland, HP, Ricoh then you can go ahead with them as these sunboard printing machines provide high-quality output.

7. Conclusion:

We have discussed in details the various benefits & uses of sunboard printing that helps to create & promote brand awareness.

It is cost-effective

It is light weight

It can be used indoor & outdoor as per your requirements.

It is durable and long-lasting

So in future for any of your branding requirement printing on sunboard is the best & cost-effective solution that can be used.

Do let us know if you found this article useful in the comments section below.

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