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The invention of the printing press is arguably one of the greatest ever inventions made; it was invented by Johannes Gutenberg. It revolutionized the world we live in. Today it is hard to imagine a world without printed material- even in this digital age, print media is still an integral part of everyone’s daily life & will always be such.

We will discuss in details different printing types and 02 of the top printing service provider in Mumbai. Different printing jobs are used by each & every sector of business be it big corporate office, small & medium offices, manufacturing units, factories, schools, colleges, health care, and the list goes on. In this article, I would describe the top 05 printing services in Mumbai & what are the different kinds of services do they offer. I would also describe what are the different kinds of printing options you can use for a specific printing job, before I list down the top 03 printing services in Mumbai I will describe in detail what are different kind of printing services which help you in all your printing requirement.

Printing Services

Table of Contents:

1. What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is a widely used printing technology and many printers can provide this printing service in Mumbai. In offset printing, their aluminum plate is used and ink is not directly printed on the paper, through the plate and rubber blanket the contents are printed on the paper.

Many products are printed using offset printing like letterhead, visiting card, Bill book, Challan book, note pad, prescription pad, registers, leaflets, brochure, catalog, envelopes, paper bags, and every print requirement. In offset printing we can use a combination of colors, we can print in single, two-color, or four color printing as per your requirements. Printing jobs like leaflets, Visiting cards, and catalogs are printed in four/multicolor, and jobs like bill book, Challan book, note pad are printed in a single color (majorly black ink). 

1.1 Benefits of Offset Printing:

– Large quantities can be printed cost-effectively, offset printing is best suited when the printing quantity is higher for eg. Minimum quantity starting from 1000 nos

– Different variety of papers can be used like matt, gloss, art paper, etc.

– Special color and custom inks like Pantone colors or metallic can be used

– Offset printing guarantees the highest possible printing quality, with greater details & exact color match.

– Size of the printing job can be customized as per your specific requirement.

– Offset printing takes a minimum of 1-2 days to execute the printing job

– It takes more time to set up the printing operation

2. What is Digital Printing?

As compared to offset printing, digital printing transfers ink directly on the paper from the data that is created on the computer. This is a highly responsive printing technique that allows faster printing of your data.

You can print multiple products using digital printing like ID cards, stickers, labels, letterhead, visiting card, documents & much more. 98% of the printed job in digital printing are your four/multi-color printing except for few client-specific jobs that are printed on a single color (black ink).

2.2 Benefits of Digital Printing:

– There is a zero set up cost

– With the advancement in digital printing technology had made digital quality acceptable for more user and can be used for different printing jobs

– Exact quantity of print is possible like 55, 105, 11not bulk quantities

– Different variety of paper can be used like gloss, art, matt paper & many more

3. Offset Printing Machine:

There are three in the offset printing machine – 1. Web Offset Machine, 2. Sheet Feed & 3. Quick Set

3.1 Web Set Offset Printing Machine:

Web offset uses a roll paper that is continuously fed to the machine. Printed paper is cut into the required size once the printing is done and paper comes out of the machine. Best used for very high volume printing like newspapers, magazines, etc.

Web offset printing machine
Web Offset Printing Machine

3.2 Sheet Feed Offset Machine:

As the name suggests the machine uses a sheet of paper which are precut instead of the roll that comes from the paper mill, so once the roll is received you need to cut the paper as per the size of the machine. Sheet feed is not economically viable for very high volume as compared to web offset printing machine, however sheet offset machine is easy to operate & maintain & generates the higher quality of printing as compared to web offset 

Offset Printing Machine
Sheet Fed Offset Printing Machine

3.3 Quick Set Offset Printing Machine:

Quick set offset machines are majorly used for high-quality printing, such as periodicals, books. As the name suggests this type of machine is quick to set up as compared to the other two types and dry the ink slowly which allows saving of ink & on the other hand the printed material that comes out of the machine drys faster enabling time-saving and quick process.

Some of the top offset machine manufacturing companies are Ronald, Komori, and Heidelberg.

4. Digital Printing Machine:

 There are three types of Digital printing machines -1.Inkjet Printer, 2. Laser Printer, 3.Digital Press.

4.1 Inkjet Printer:

This machine exactly replicates the digital data and prints it on a different medium like paper, card, or plastic. This is done by transferring thousands of tiny ink droplets onto the print medium thus creating the required image

4.2 Laser Printer:

This printer uses advanced technology as compared to the Inkjet printer. A laser printer uses laser technology to print the required image from the digital data. There is a toner that prints the image with a laser movement within the printer.

4.3 Digital Press:

This is the latest print technology that is available in the market and costly as well. This is best used when there is a huge quantity that needs digital print.

Some of the top digital printing manufacturing companies are Xerox, HP, Brother.

Digital Printing Machine

5. Top 02 printing Services in Mumbai:

Now you know what are the different kinds of printing and for a particular job if you need to use Offset Printing or Digital printing you can proceed ahead with your printing job. While selecting a printer you can ask what kind of Offset Printing machine and digital printing machine they are using which would also help you choose a printer. 

So considering all the important elements me and my team have listed the top two printing companies in Mumbai that you select.

5.1 Darshan Arts:

 Darshan Arts is a 35-year-old printing company based out of offices in Fort & Wadala. They provide complete end-to-end solutions for all your printing needs and they also enable a door to door delivery of your printed jobs.

In offset printing, they have a sheet-fed machine of Komari four-color printing machine and Helderberg for single/two-color machine. So with the above two, all your printing jobs are covered with high quality and at economical rates. They can guide you with different kinds of paper that can be used for a specific job.

They also have the latest digital printing machine which is HP and Xerox which are laser printers and ensures top quality and can be printed on different media. 

I would strongly recommend you to connect them for any of your printing requirements and we have shared their website for your easy reference. They also do Sunboard printing and have written a separate article for the it which you can check below:

5.2 Reliable Prints:

Reliable prints are a 25-year-old printing company and they specialize in Digital printing. They have different digital printing machines of Inkjet & laser printer which can enable you to print on different media like paper, card, T-shirt, plastics & much more. They can cater to you the smaller quantities as they do not have a minimum order quantity requirement.

They are located in lower Parel & Andheri (E), they haven’t started delivery services yet, so you will need to visit them at their shops at any of the two locations and get the printed job collected, I have mentioned their website below for your easy reference.

6. GST For Printing Industry:

HSN code of printing is 482011 and it attracts 18% GST

7. Conclusion:

We have discussed in detail two different types of printing which are Offset Printing & Digital Printing and their benefits and when they can be used. We have also discussed top printing services in Mumbai which can cater to all of your printing jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which method is best for Visiting Card Printing?

Visiting card can be printed using both Offset & Digital Printing. Depending upon the quantity you can select a particular method, if you need larger quantity than offset is best suited but if we need lesser quantity below 500 nos than digital printing is best suited.

Does all printers have both digital & offset printing machines?

No, it is not necessary that all printers have machines of both the methods, some printers may specialize in a single method. But there are printers who have both the machine under one roof, but then pricing may vary depending on each setup.

Where can buy digital printing machine for home use?

There are many companies from where you can buy printing machines, different models of HP, Brother, Canon are some the best machine that you can buy

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