Darth Vader’s Guide to Traditional Marketing

What is marketing and why is it so ever important in the current scenario. Why some products sell easily & other struggles? If you want to know more about different aspects of marketing stay here till the end of the article.

With the ever-growing competition companies are introducing different strategies to capture the market share and beat their competition. A company which is effectively using different marketing strategy and tools will always stay ahead.

1. Fundamental of Marketing:

“What helps people, helps business” – Leo Burnett

We need to understand the above statement in the sense that even before marketing you need to understand the customer requirement and create a product & service accordingly.

Marketing is based on science, not on creativity.

“Don’t build links. Build relationships” – Rand Fishkin.

Never let marketing become more important than your product or service.  The great product sells on its own. You will always need to build good products & then marketing will help people to discover the product & also build a good perception about the product and the brand.

2. Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” – Seth Godin

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” – Seth Godin

We have been using Traditional Marketing for decades and wherein digital marketing for the last couple of years. There are many ways in which businesses can capture the attention of their target audience using one or a combination of both Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing.

Which strategy works best? Which one should the business focus on?

There are a lot of factors like product type, target customer, pricing & more while considering which marketing tool you should use.

The major difference between digital marketing & traditional marketing is the medium it uses.

2.1 Traditional Marketing:

It includes many different mediums for marketing like print medium – printing advertisement & promotion in Newspapers, Magazines, leaflets, brochures, etc. It also includes other mediums like commercials on T.V or Radio, Billboards, Hoarding, a good example would be Amul, wherein they print in newspapers & on hoarding something that is trending and everyone can relate it instantly and they update the same on regular basis.

Traditional marketing has evolved over the years, but fundamentals remain the same. It helps to create an impact on the customer and subconsciously get attached to their product & brand, e.g T.V commercials of Fevicoal.

Traditional Marketing
Source: Ryan Reynold’s Instagram

T.V commercial which has big film stars and cricketers has a major impact on the targeted audience. For E.x an advertisement including Virat Kohli will have huge appeal among the masses and ultimately helps in brand building.

Some of the mediums are expensive but it can be a great way for brand building and creating a mass trust which we will discuss.

2.2 Digital Marketing:

However impactful traditional marketing is, we cannot forget the importance of digital marketing in this internet age. With cheaper mobiles and good internet speed & data, you will need digital marketing for your company & brand to grow.

Traditional Marketing
Photo: unsplash

Some of the important digital marketing mediums are – Website, Social media, email marketing, Affiliate marketing, banner ads.

A good example would be Facebook and Instagram ads. There were 324,000,000 Facebook users in India in January 2020 (Source: https://napoleoncat.com/stats). Here we can target your audience by their preferences; area, age and get high-quality leads that can turn into a business.

Digital marketing is also easy to measure as compared to traditional marketing. It incurs lower cost as compared to traditional marketing & works best if you are targeting the audience that is scattered along with different countries.

So both types of marketing have pros & cons, but you need to know your specific marketing needs, your budget & your target audience to select which one to use. I would suggest using the combination of both types which would help in your brand building & mass trust.

3. Traditional Marketing Needs to be used correctly with other marketing Methods:

Printing, signage board, billboards, leaflets, events and more have historically played a major role in product & brand development for many industries.

Currently, the companies are combining both the digital and traditional forms of marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. This is commonly called cross-channel marketing.

For our clients, we have seen great success when utilizing both the marketing mix for promoting their products, services & brand.

4. Traditional Marketing + Digital Marketing =

Traditional Marketing
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Many growth hackers and digital marketers have historically downplayed the importance of traditional marketing. Many of the digital growth levers have become overly used & now it costs more to advertise online due to increasing amounts of demands.

The major focus of the marketing companies is to have the ability to connect their product, brand to their relevant target audience. Once this is done, half the battle has been won by the marketing companies.

During the pandemic, we saw things like webinar fatigue occur due to the sheer amounts of the webinar we saw from different companies.

Traditional Marketing
Photo by Maya Maceka on Unsplash

The ability to simply grow by using online or digital marketing growth hacks is harder than ever before because these tactics are used by each and everyone and can be copied endlessly, leaving your product and brand in a very competitive space.

But, this has not stopped the companies from investing in digital. Instead, the companies have realised the importance of cross-channel marketing tactics & strategy.

Leveraging the best of both traditional & digital marketing is the solution that the companies need to implement, having your promotions across many mediums at the same time, can amplify the reach & growth of your product.

In today’s scenario to stay ahead of the competition and grow your market and brand, the companies need to bring in the whole picture, including different mediums like print, billboard and also more of the cross channel promotions.

6. Conclusion:

We have covered different topics about marketing and how you can build your brand. Marketing is a huge topic and it covers different factors that we cannot cover in one article.

“Find your spirit, and no challenge will keep you from achieving your goals.” — Christopher Penn

With hard work and the right marketing strategy, you can achieve your goals.

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